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Social Purpose Business

A social purpose business with a focus on employment is a company that operates with the primary goal of creating meaningful job opportunities and promoting workforce development, while also addressing societal or environmental challenges. It places a strong emphasis on providing employment, training, and career advancement for individuals, particularly those facing barriers to entry in the job market, and aims to generate positive social impact through its employment practices.


JPWC established Redemptive Developments as a means to guarantee our community's access to low-barrier employment opportunities. Under the Redemptive Developments umbrella, two businesses now operate. 


Junk 4 Good

It's simple. We take the trash away, while you give back: helping fund non-profit programs and creating employment for those in your local community. Be proud knowing you are assisting those in need that are close to home.

Mattress still.jpg

Evergreen Recycling

Evergreen Recycling provides employment opportunities to individuals facing barriers to employment while servicing contracts with municipalities, universities, hospitals, and other clients. Each year, we proudly recycle over 51,000 mattresses by hand, diverting them from landfills and contributing to a more sustainable future.

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