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There are many ways to help

Help us bridge the divide, making safe and affordable housing accessible to all Edmontonians.
Your support ensures not only a place to call home but also the vital assistance to sustain it!

Become a Monthly Donor

Join hands with us in building a better future for those in need. Your monthly support provides the bedrock of reliable funding, empowering us to fulfill our mission and create lasting change in affordable housing. Become a monthly donor today and be a part of the difference we make

Affordable Housing Repair and Maintenance Fund

Our Affordable Housing Repair and Maintenance Fund: The lifeline for preserving safe and secure homes. This critical initiative addresses our largest unfunded cost, safeguarding the well-being of our community through essential housing upkeep.


Join Our Initiative to Address the Housing Crisis

Building affordable housing is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about transforming lives and communities.

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