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Community Health Centre

The JPWC Medical Clinic has closed due to a lack of funding.

Unfortunately, this means over 1,300 vulnerable Edmontonians have lost their primary care.

Due to the excessive time needed to care for vulnerable patients properly, our care team was unable to recoup costs in the fee-for-service model.

JPWC fought desperately and worked with multiple levels of government to keep this space open, including looking at opportunities for alternative relationship plans, but could not carry the financial weight without outside support.

Read more below on our Clinic

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To ensure accessible healthcare for individuals with complex socio-economic and primary health needs, we collaborate with Alberta Health, The Primary Care Network, The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres, The University of Alberta, Grant MacEwan, local physicians, and pharmacists.


We understand that an individual's health is profoundly influenced by their socio-economic status within a community, encompassing factors such as housing, food, employment, and social connections. By addressing these interconnected aspects, we strive to provide comprehensive care that recognizes the broader social determinants of health.


Through our collaborative efforts and partnerships, we aim to improve the overall well-being of individuals, recognizing that a holistic approach to healthcare goes beyond medical treatments and encompasses the essential elements that contribute to a person's overall quality of life.

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