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Our Informed Design Building

Drawing on our extensive 18 years of expertise in Affordable Housing, we've meticulously researched and innovatively designed a building that not only boasts affordability in construction but also prioritizes the well-being and quality of life for its residents through thoughtful architectural considerations.

At $150,000 per door, the total cost for the building, excluding land, amounts to $1.8 million.

We aim to expand this design across Alberta due to its cost-effectiveness and proven positive impact on the well-being of residents, as evidenced by the success of the four buildings currently operational in Edmonton.

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The building fits on a single city lot and features 12 self-contained suites, each spanning 225 square feet.

The building is fully accessible, surpassing the industry standard of 15%, ensuring inclusivity and accommodating the diverse needs of all occupants.

One-third of the building is dedicated to common areas, emphasizing our commitment to fostering human connection and promoting inter-community relationships among residents.

Our building achieves an impressive 34% reduction in energy consumption compared to the NECB 2017 standards, exemplifying our dedication to sustainability and environmental responsibility.

Each unit is equipped with a floor drain, demonstrating our commitment to efficient asset management and maintenance prioritization.

Heat pumps are utilized throughout the building for efficient heating, while the entire premises are air-conditioned, ensuring optimal comfort for all occupants.

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