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Community Resource Centre

Regrettably, after 16 years of dedicated service to the community, the CRC had to cease its operations on April 29, 2023.


Despite our unwavering commitment, we faced significant challenges in securing stable funding and finding a permanent location.

 Read more below on what the CRC offered! 

The Community Resource Centre is a welcoming community space located in a low-income neighbourhood, serving the entire West Edmonton area. It provides a place where individuals from diverse backgrounds can seek assistance, advocacy, and connection. A primary focus of this space is to aid those facing poverty, ensuring they maintain housing stability and avoid the cycle of homelessness. We achieve this through direct advocacy with individuals, landlords, as well as organizations like AB Works and AISH, among others.

Moreover, we utilize this space to coordinate and facilitate opportunities for community members to address and resolve challenges through active engagement collectively. At the core of our approach lies the principle of Asset Based Community Development. This means that we prioritize creating an environment where solutions, support, and resources are tailored to the needs and ideas expressed by community members. Simultaneously, we encourage individuals to leverage their own assets and skills to assist others and foster positive change within their community.

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