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Research, Engagement,
& System Change

The Jasper Place Wellness Centre is dedicated to continuous improvement and holistic well-being.

Research informs our services, ensuring they remain evidence-based and responsive to community needs.

Engagement with our clients and the wider community fosters trust, inclusivity, and the co-creation of effective programs.

Our commitment to system change work advocates for policies and practices that promote social equity, ultimately advancing the overall health and vitality of our community.

Financial donations play a crucial role in sustaining our research, engagement, and system change efforts, allowing us to expand our impact, serve more individuals, and drive meaningful, lasting improvements in the community's well-being.

Bridge Healing 

A Pilot Project of a New Model to Prevent Repeat “Social Admit” Visits to the Emergency Department and Help Break the Cycle of Homelessness in Canada

Improving Vaccine Uptake

In 2021, The Canadian Association of Community Health Centres (CACHC) launched the Community Vaccination Promotion National (CVP-National) project, supported through funding under the Public Health Agency of Canada’s Immunization Partnership Fund (PHAC IPF).

JPWC Informed Housing Design

"These tiny suites could be Edmonton's answer to affordable housing"

Bylaw Zoning Change 

"The issue is that Edmonton’s zoning rules discriminate against anyone with a tight budget. People on provincial disability assistance, or moving off the street find it very difficult to secure a unit they can afford. It’s too much hassle for developers to create them."

Bylaw Zoning Change Con't

"Council's urban planning committee agreed in principle Tuesday to amend a zoning bylaw to allow permanent supportive housing to be built in more neighbourhoods across the city."

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