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JPWC is committed to providing program-based affordable housing, offering a range of services, including transitional housing and permanent supportive housing, designed to assist individuals who require extra support in maintaining their housing and building lives that align with their personal aspirations.


Our approach is informed by ongoing pilot programs and research, often developed in direct collaboration with our service recipients.


Canora Place

Canora Place was funded through The Government of Alberta and The Government of Canada in 2010 and was opened and occupied in 2011. Canora Place offers low-intensity support to residents, which can look different for each individual.


Examples of support look like helping individuals with income reporting, maintaining their units, and connecting with local doctors. Residents at this building can stay as long as they like and have leases. Canora Place has 30 units and most residents are referred through our partners at in the Housing First Program and Homeward Trust. 


Low-intensity permanent supportive housing is designed to provide ongoing assistance and stability for individuals facing various challenges, ensuring they receive the necessary support and resources to maintain housing stability and enhance their overall well-being. 


Bridge Healing

Bridge Healing Transitional Accommodation Program is a low-barrier housing program for unhoused individuals being discharged from Edmonton's Emergency Departments. 

Access to this program is through Alberta Health Services Referral. 

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Housing First

We receive funding from The Government of Alberta through Homeward Trust Edmonton to manage a dedicated Housing First team. 

We have a team of Housing Outreach Workers who are instrumental in providing invaluable support to individuals experiencing homelessness, assisting them in securing crucial elements such as income, identification, bank accounts, and tailored housing solutions that align with their unique requirements.

We also have a Follow-up Support Team who assists clients in various areas for one year after finding housing. This support includes but is not limited to; connecting individuals with healthcare professionals to address medical needs, facilitating access to residential treatment programs, assisting with the process of reconnecting with their families, and providing guidance and resources for employment opportunities. 

We proudly piloted the Housing First initiative in Edmonton.


Housing First is a proven approach that prioritizes providing stable and permanent housing for unhoused individuals without preconditions or barriers.

Past Program Based Affordable Housing Projects

Emergency Shelter & Transitional Housing West Edmonton 2023

Through this program, we have witnessed remarkable success in supporting individuals on their journey toward stability and independence.


Our partnerships with organizations operating housing first programs have been instrumental in providing comprehensive support services to residents, addressing their unique needs, and helping them secure permanent housing.

This program includes a dedicated low-mobility space designed to cater to the needs of some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community, ensuring their access to essential services. The space is fully accessible and staffed with highly trained Health Care Assistants (HCAs) to provide comprehensive support and assistance to those with limited mobility.

By combining the resources and assets of the City of Edmonton, the Tallcree Tribal Government, and our dedicated team, we have been able to create a safe and supportive environment within our transitional housing facilities.

We are proud to operate transitional housing in collaboration with the City of Edmonton and the Tallcree Tribal Government.

This program contract ended August 2023.

Transitional Housing West Edmonton 2021-2022

This program was funded through Homeward Trust Edmonton

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