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Edmonton Business Declaration to End the Housing Crisis

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1. We, the leaders and influential members of the Edmonton Business Community, meeting at Rogers Place on December 15, 2023, acknowledge that Edmonton is in a housing crisis that will continue to worsen without adequate amounts of new, affordable housing added to the current market.

2. We acknowledge that the magnitude of the housing crisis demands a concerted effort and that our governments and social agencies alone cannot end this housing crisis.

3. Understanding that the business community plays a pivotal role in shaping the prosperity and well-being of our city, we affirm our collective responsibility to collaborate across all sectors to ensure every Edmontonian has a safe, secure and affordable place to call home.

Therefore, in pursuit of a sustainable solution, we, the undersigned, pledge to initiate immediate and meaningful discussions as a united front

under the facilitation of Murray Soroka from the Jasper Place Wellness Centre to:

  • Raise Awareness: We commit to raising awareness within the business community about the profound and long-term impacts that the housing crisis will inflict upon our city's economic landscape.

  • Call-to-Action: We will collaboratively create a compelling call-to-action specifically for Edmonton businesses. This directive will inspire and guide businesses to actively participate in initiatives that contribute to the development of affordable housing, emphasizing the shared responsibility we bear in building a city where everyone can have a place to live.

  • Begin Building: Recognizing the urgency of the matter, we commit to taking immediate steps toward the development of affordable housing by leveraging resources, expertise, and influence.

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