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Transitional Housing

We are proud to operate transitional housing in collaboration with the City of Edmonton and the Tallcree Tribal Government.

This program contract ends August 2023.

Transitional housing provides temporary accommodation and support services for individuals or families experiencing homelessness or facing housing instability. It serves as a stepping stone towards securing permanent housing by offering a stable and supportive environment.


The goal of transitional housing is to empower individuals, promote self-sufficiency, and facilitate a successful transition to long-term housing stability.

Through this program, we have witnessed remarkable success in supporting individuals on their journey toward stability and independence. Our partnerships with organizations operating housing first programs have been instrumental in providing comprehensive support services to residents, addressing their unique needs, and helping them secure permanent housing.

This program includes a dedicated low-mobility space designed to cater to the needs of some of the most vulnerable individuals in our community, ensuring their access to essential services. The space is fully accessible and staffed with highly trained Health Care Assistants (HCAs) to provide comprehensive support and assistance to those with limited mobility.

By combining the resources and assets of the City of Edmonton, the Tallcree Tribal Government, and our dedicated team, we have been able to create a safe and supportive environment within our transitional housing facilities.

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